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Connell Wright Media offers expert guidance on editorial policy, strategy, messaging and ethics to news organizations, companies and nonprofit institutions worldwide. We can help you to articulate the ethics you live by, train your employees and measure your effectiveness.
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Dean Wright and Joan Connell are award-winning journalists and experts in developing editorial
standards for national and global media organizations.
After more than 25 years in newspapers and wire services in the US and Canada, Dean joined the editorial staff at in Redmond, Washington, in 1996, just as the internet news revolution began. He became vice president and editor-in-chief in 2003; during his tenure the site earned a number of awards for journalistic excellence. In 2005, he moved to Thomson Reuters, where he established consumer websites in Japan, China, India, the UK and US that reached more than 25 million daily users. As global ethics and standards editor at Thomson Reuters, Dean developed policies and practices for editorial quality, transparency, social media and anti-bribery/corruption laws. He worked on numerous ethics training programs as well as establishing metrics to measure awareness of and compliance with editorial ethics, standards and practices. He now consults with news organizations worldwide from Bellingham, Washington, USA. Contact Dean
Joan was a 1993 Pulitzer Prize finalist for reporting on religion, ethics and moral issues for Newhouse News Service in Washington, DC; she then served as editor of the DC-based Religion News Service, a global source of religion news for newspapers and broadcast organizations. From 1997 to 2005 at in Redmond, she was executive producer for opinions and developed editorial policies and standards for the MSN portal. Later, in New York City, as online editor at The Nation magazine, she directed online coverage of the Bush administration and 2008 presidential campaign. As associate director of Columbia University’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, she was involved in efforts to raise ethical standards of reporting on war, crime, natural disaster and other tragic events. She currently teaches journalism at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Contact Joan